5 car secrets that make life easier for the driver

5 car secrets that make life easier for the driver Car enthusiasts with experience are carriers of numerous life hacks that allow you to make life behind the wheel more convenient, as well as prepare for various unforeseen situations. Here are 5 such secrets. Non-freezing areas for the off-season The washer tank in the warm season is usually filled with plain water. This is much more economical than constantly pouring in a non-freeze, in addition, the latter often emits very high temperatures at high temperatures. unpleasant smell. But what if at night the temperature falls below zero, while the day is still warm? In this situation, the water may freeze, causing a spill or two. And since there is no outlet of cold air, there is a risk of condensation forming. It is best, of course, to bring an additional filling to the tank, but it is also worth bringing an extra container with you. Why carry two containers in one case? Preparing for snow It is often possible to notice that plows and other vehicles are using special additives such as anti-snowflake or propeller grease to lubricate their winter tires. These substances are designed to protect the rubber of skis and wheels from freezing. But it is worth noting that the lubricating additives are not always as effective as the advertised. They have a better alternative Of course, it is best to bring an additional filling to the tank, but it is also worth carrying a special lubricating agent with you. What is it? It can be a dry or liquid liquid. It is best to bring a liquid to the tank because of its higher density. Lubricating oils have a higher octane number and are more saturated with the lubricating fluid. This increases the efficiency of lubricating the parts and, consequently, the safety of the vehicle. It is important to use a lubricating agent that is compatible with all vehicles. No matter what tool or device you use to lubricate, it is always safe to use. The main thing is not to mix the lubricating agent with an abrasive (as they can lead to a reaction). Of course, you need to follow the same procedures as with filling with cold . But it is worth to carry out the replacement more often than in the warm season. When replacing the oil, it is advisable to fill with cold liquids . Why? Because of the increased likelihood of a reaction with the anther and the possibility of a short circuit. It is also worth to fill with a lubricating oil when replacing the oil filter or the oil cooler (how and how to read it in the article: " What is the use of an oil filter in the engine "). It was interesting to read – . Also share it with your friend on the social network! the following articles will provide even more useful information. SUBSCRIBE to continue to be able to read useful articles.